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Robotic knee surgery has revolutionized the field of orthopedics by offering numerous advantages and benefits to both doctors and patients. Contrary to popular belief, robotic surgery does not mean that a robot performs the entire procedure. Instead, it involves the use of a robotic surgical arm to assist doctors in executing specific tasks that require utmost precision and maneuverability.

Using advanced CT scans, the robotic arm can work from 3D images of the surgical area, allowing for a range of tasks to be performed with unparalleled accuracy. Using the pre-op CT scan with intra-operative data, the computer, robotic arm, and surgeon plan and execute the preparation of bone and placement of the implant, ensuring the perfect fit.

Reduced Long-Term Cost

One of the most significant advantages of robotic knee surgery is the potential for lower long-term costs. Patients who undergo this surgery tend to experience fewer complications, resulting in fewer costly return visits to the hospital. Additionally, the precise nature of robotic surgery reduces soft tissue injury, which may reduce the risk of infections and other complications that could lead to hospital readmissions.

Improved Patient Outcomes

Precise implantation of the knee replacement implants has been observed in studies to lead to better patient outcomes. The robotic arm is a tool to help surgeons achieve this goal. The use of robotics allows for more accurate and precise procedures, minimizing trauma to the bone and tissue, and patients who receive robotic assistance may require less rehabilitation and experience fewer readmissions to the hospital.

Holistic Approach to Surgery

Patients also report higher satisfaction with their healthcare services following robotic knee surgery. The potential to resume daily activities sooner is a significant factor contributing to this satisfaction. The precision of the robotic arm ensures a meticulous alignment and adjustment of the implant, giving patients the best chance for a great outcome.

The combination of Stryker’s Mako Robotic Arm Assisted Technology’s precision along with the personal touch of the caring and knowledgeable physicians at Metairie Orthodontics and Sport Medicine creates a holistic approach to surgery.

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