In addition to their comprehensive orthopedic care provided to patients, our board-certified physicians are highly skilled and experienced in the management of work-related injuries. We focus on early diagnosis and minimally invasive treatment techniques for cost-effective recoveries that reduce time lost from work. Our physicians fully understand the challenges associated with workplace injuries and are committed to providing quality care. Metairie Orthopedics & Sports Medicine offers a dedicated Workers Compensation Department to assist patients who have sustained on- the- job injuries.

The process for an injured worker can be overwhelming and confusing. Our staff will assist you from your initial evaluation until your release date to ensure understanding and timely management of your medical care. Our department serves as a liaison between all involved in the patient’s recovery such as the adjuster, nurse case manager, and employer. This ongoing collaboration ensures that care is carried out to all medical and legal standards.

Our office offers a wide variety of services, such as same day appointments, second medical opinion consultations, independent medical evaluations, and impairment ratings. We maintain close relationships with a multitude of certified physical and occupational therapists to ensure clear communication and timely follow-up between physician and therapist in the recovery process.

When you sustain a work-related injury (even if symptoms do not immediately occur) notify your employer or supervisor of the incident. Ensure you notify anyone involved in your care that this injury occurred on the job. This includes your primary care physician, emergency care department, or hospital facility. Once the initial report is complete your employer will then file a claim with their third party work comp carrier. A claim number along with adjuster information will be issued for billing and authorization purposes. Seek an appointment with the orthopedic specialist for further evaluation and medical treatment.

When making an appointment it is helpful and time efficient to have the below information

  1. Date of your injury
  2. Claim number
  3. Insurance carrier name and address
  4. Employer at the time of the accident or injury
  5. Insurance adjuster’s name and contact information


Making an appointment is easy so let the dedicated staff at Metairie Orthopedics & Sports Medicine assist in your recovery process. Complete the attached verification form below and fax back to schedule an appointment. You can also email one of our department specialists or contact us directly at 504-541-5800.


Please click the link below to give us details on your accident:

Accident Information Form