Article of the Month

How Arthritis Impacts Your Hips

If hip stiffness and pain are making it difficult to move normally, you may have hip arthritis. Find out how different types of arthritis can affect the hip joints and what you can do to treat debilitating symptoms.

Oct 6th, 2021
Bad Habits That Are Making Your Plantar Fasciitis Worse

The pain of plantar fasciitis can make it difficult to walk or even stand. If you’re disabled by this condition, you should know that certain habits can make symptoms worse. Find out how you could be contributing to your pain.

Sep 6th, 2021
Is There a Loose Fragment in Your Elbow?

Elbow pain accompanied by pain and stiffness may be a sign of a loose fragment in your elbow. Find out why this condition occurs and what you can do to achieve relief and restore normal movement.

Aug 10th, 2021
Who’s At Risk for a Rotator Cuff Tear?

A rotator cuff tear can weaken your shoulder so that daily activities, such as getting dressed, can be painful or even impossible to accomplish. Find out who is most susceptible to this debilitating injury.

Jul 20th, 2021
Am I Too Young for a Hip or Knee Replacement?

There’s no minimum age requirement for a hip or knee replacement. Newer techniques and improved implant designs have made joint replacement therapy an option for patients of all ages. Find out whether a hip or knee replacement may be right for you.

Jun 29th, 2021
What to Know Before Undergoing Arthroscopy

If you’re living with persistent joint pain that hasn’t improved with conservative treatments, you may benefit from arthroscopy. Find out how this minimally invasive orthopedic procedure can be used to diagnose and treat the cause of your discomfort.

May 26th, 2021
Could That Foot Pain Signal a Stress Fracture?

If you have nagging foot pain, you shouldn't ignore it, because it could be a symptom of a stress fracture. Without treatment, a stress fracture can develop into a full break. Read on to learn the signs of a stress fracture and the treatment options.

Apr 16th, 2021
Signs of a Rotator Cuff Injury

Being active not only helps you stay healthy, but is also a way to have fun with friends. But sometimes, physical activity can lead to injuries, including your shoulder. Learn how to tell if you’ve suffered a rotator cuff injury.

Mar 9th, 2021